The Brook

Mr Sapiro has to be my favorite contemporary abstract artist and I normally like representational art and I think this one is just beautiful.

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Morning Flight Over the Harbor

This looks like a tropical lagoon as seen from a plane window and this shot does put me in mind of flying if I was a bird. I have had dreams of flying places and being high up in the sky or floating in the air above trees and water. I used cooler tones and tried to capture the early morning light to give this a soft slightly moody quality. I used Unison and Terry Ludwig pastels on Wallis Pro White Paper, 12×18”.

Flight Over the Harbor

Flight Over the Harbor, Pastel on Paper, 12×18″

Mist and Fog

I’m trying to simplify my work and make it more abstract by times and decided to try working on a seascape involving much water, mist and rocks. I actually like the ethereal softness of this piece and think that it captures a somewhat melancholy mood. I also like the pink color of the clouds just above the horizon line which has been partially obscured by the fog; I think they lend a nice warm quality to an otherwise cool painting. I used Terry Ludwig and Unison pastels and Wallis Professional White Paper.

Mist and Fog

Mist and Fog, Pastel on Pastel Paper, 9×12″

Rustic Woodland Cabin

I decided that I wanted to paint something with a little more color so this one fits the bill even if I am doing an autumn painting in the spring.  I love the dark red of the tree contrasted with the browns, greens and golds around it. I don’t usually paint buildings but sort of liked this one so opted to include it, I probably need to practice painting buildings a little more but this is so far away and it’s festooned in foliage that I can overlook it. I used Ludwigs and Unisons on Colorfix Suede Paper. I couldn’t get the camera to co-operate with the lighting so the picture is a little dark and the colors are a little dull.

Rustic Woodland Cabin

Rustic Woodland Cabin, soft pastel on paper, 14×18″

Lakeside by Twilight

Lakeside by Twilight

Lakeside by Twilight, pastel on paper, 14×18″

There is something that is so beautiful and tranquil about sunsets, I can’t help to paint them every now and then. I’m not really sure where this is but it reminds me of the lake I live near so I decided that this was good subject matter. I also really liked the warm pink and violet tones in the sky and tried to reflect and cool them in the water. I also liked the combination of the rock and shrubbery in the foreground and tried to bring a little detail into the picture.  I used my usual combination of Unison’s and Ludwig’s on Colorfix Suede paper, which I’m starting to like better despite the lack of tooth to this paper.

Tree by Moonlight

There’s something magical about moonlight especially the way it illuminates this tree as the fog drifts about. I don’t paint many night time scenes and wanted to give moonlight a try and really liked the way the moon seemed to bring out the soft and subtle greens, yellows, pinks and mauve’s in the tree foliage. I used my usual Ludwig, Unison and Girault pastels on Pastelmat.

Tree by Moonlight

Tree by Moonlight, Pastel on Paper, 12×15″

Two Winter Scene’s

With the end of wintering drawing near I decided to post a couple of the winter scene’s that I’ve done this year.  I don’t do very many winter paintings since they don’t really appeal to me but found a few reference photo’s that I liked. The first painting is of a frozen pond or river (not sure which) using some new paper called Colorfix Suede. At first I wasn’t fond of the paper since it didn’t hold as many layers of pastel and my harder pastels didn’t work with it as well but the Ludwig’s seem to be fine. The second painting is of a sunrise through a snow storm in what looks like a park with lovely evergreens. Once again this painting is done on the Colorfix Suede paper and I’m learning how to deal with this new surface but I’ll be glad to return to my Wallis and Uart papers when I get the chance.

Winter Reflection

Winter Reflection, pastel on paper, 14×18″

Snowy Morning

Snowy Morning, pastel on paper, 14×18”


Autumn Trees Study

As far as I’m concerned it’s autumn all year when it comes to art, especially if you find another painting on the computer that you actually finished last September. Yes it’s another autumn scene in January (this time), and there’s another one after this. I do find winter to be uninspiring however I’m working on a winter scene now using some new paper so we’ll see how that goes; I’ll be sure to post it when it’s finished.

With this painting, I wanted to capture more of those warm gold’s and dark purplish brown tree trunks that look so well together. This is just a small work but sometimes working small is more fun and the work is finished a lot sooner. There’s something very gratifying about whipping out the pastels and finishing a painting in few hours. I tried to combine pink and orange in this painting which might not be the wiser course of action but if you pick the colors very carefully it can turn out ok. I tried to capture the spiky quality of the grasses and the soft, round shapes of the leaves using various marks and hope that I described the textures accurately.

Autumn Trees Study

Autumn Trees Study, Pastel on Uart, 9×12”