A Winter’s Evening

A Winter's Evening

A Winter’s Evening, soft pastel on paper, 9×12″

I’ve been concentrating on painting a few winter scenes lately since we have a white winter this year like we are supposed to here in Canada and it has put me in the mood to depict this type of scenery. I wanted to capture a scene at the end of a winter day so there are some warm tones in the snow which are being cast by the setting sun. I wasn’t happy with the finished painting and neither was I happy with the photograph and think that I need a new camera. I don’t like the gold light higher up behind the trees either. I also think that there should be more violet and blue shadows in the foreground to the right side of the picture. That bright blue color in the tree’s might be a little intense too. Maybe continue the snow covered shrubbery to the bottom of the painting on the left side.

I made a few changes as described and I think that this work has improved. I also was careful to adjust the photo on the computer so the contrast wasn’t as sharp and more like the actual painting. I also tried to adjust the photo so the colors were more like the actual painting although the colors are a little too soft perhaps.

Before the Changes

Before the Changes


Pine’s In the Mist

I love old growth forests and wish there were more of them left around and these two pine trees seem like they might be part of one such forest which is almost perceivable in the background through the mist. I used cool tones of greens, violets, blues and grays to capture the peaceful, lush , wet and somewhat haunting atmospheric mood of this scene.  I used Terry Ludwig and Unison pastels on Wallis Pro White Pastel Paper.

Pine's In  the Mist

Pine’s In the Mist, Pastel on Pastel Paper, 12×18″

Impression of a Red Maple

I like the contorted shape of this tree and the layers of bright red foliage which really captures the attention and reminds me of my Japanese Maples in the autumn which is a theme I have explored recently. I especially like the warm reds and purples in the cooler months. I also used cooler blues and greens with the warm reds to help balance the colors and make them less dominant and create harmony. I once again used high quality pastels including Terry Ludwig and Unison on Wallis Pro White Pastel Paper which is a high quality paper as well.

Impression of a Red Maple

Impression of a Red Maple, Pastel on Pastel Paper, 9×12″

Woodland Fire

Now that the snow is on the ground and winter has set in I wanted to post a nice colorful picture of some maple trees that have turned a lovely bright red autumn color. There is something exciting about the autumn that can inspire a certain vibrancy of spirit in a person who is in connection with the natural world. And yet there is a kind sadness of things passing into the realm of endings until the next rebirth of life, however there are lots of warm and cheerful colors which are a welcome site once the snow is on the ground or even if it’s not in your area.

My materials include artist quality pastels by Terry Ludwig and Unison on the high quality Wallis Pro White Pastel Paper. I don’t spray my paintings due to the color change which darkens and kills the vibrancy and also due to asthma which makes it really difficult to deal with the fumes.

Woodland Fire

Woodland Fire, Pastel on Wallis Pastel Paper, 12×18”

Lakeside by Twilight

Lakeside by Twilight

Lakeside by Twilight, pastel on paper, 14×18″

There is something that is so beautiful and tranquil about sunsets, I can’t help to paint them every now and then. I’m not really sure where this is but it reminds me of the lake I live near so I decided that this was good subject matter. I also really liked the warm pink and violet tones in the sky and tried to reflect and cool them in the water. I also liked the combination of the rock and shrubbery in the foreground and tried to bring a little detail into the picture.  I used my usual combination of Unison’s and Ludwig’s on Colorfix Suede paper, which I’m starting to like better despite the lack of tooth to this paper.

Tree by Moonlight

There’s something magical about moonlight especially the way it illuminates this tree as the fog drifts about. I don’t paint many night time scenes and wanted to give moonlight a try and really liked the way the moon seemed to bring out the soft and subtle greens, yellows, pinks and mauve’s in the tree foliage. I used my usual Ludwig, Unison and Girault pastels on Pastelmat.

Tree by Moonlight

Tree by Moonlight, Pastel on Paper, 12×15″

Upper North Falls, Oregon

A few weeks ago I did a painting depicting the Lower South Falls in Oregon which can be found here: https://barbarasmeatonart.wordpress.com/2012/06/09/oregons-silverfalls-study/

I decided to return to the subject since the topic of waterfalls fascinates me and I need more practice painting rocks and water, especially rushing and falling water.  I went with a larger composition so I could get more detail in the water it the surroundings. Plus this is a larger and wider looking falls so it called for more space.
Unfortunately this is one of my last pieces of Wallis paper in this size and I can’t seem to find any more of it anywhere so guess I’ll just have to be content with other papers until Wallis can make more. I used my usual Ludwig, Unison and Girault pastels.
Upper North Falls, Pastel on Wallis, 12x18”

Upper North Falls, Pastel on Wallis, 12×18”

Spring Tree in Pink Study

I completed this study after getting the new Ludwig Vibrant and Maggie Price Essential Grays pastel sets and find that those vibrant pinks take some getting used to. I’m learning to like the colours but they are so different than the softer earthy tones that I usually use, but I wanted to liven up my pastel palette a bit and this set certainly does the trick. The Essential Grays is a very nice too although those lightest colours still aren’t light enough for me; however, it is an endlessly useful set.

Spring Tree in Pink Sudy

Spring Tree in Pink Sudy, Pastel of Uart Paper

The painting itself is composed mostly from a few colours from the Essential Grays, Vibrants and Plen Air set. I wanted to capture the mighty size of this tree which can be difficult in such a small space but I hope that I managed to capture the majesty and some of the beauty. I don’t know what kind of tree this is although it might be a crabapple; however, the beautiful pink and burgundy colours attracted my eye.

My new sets of Terry Ludwig Vibrants and Essential Grays

My new sets of Terry Ludwig Vibrants and Essential Grays

Oregon’s Silverfalls Study

There is something very beautiful about waterfalls that does make painting a few a must for most landscape painters. I’ve been researching the most notable waterfalls around the world and came across Silver Falls in Oregon, US and knew that I just had to paint this one. Hopefully research will yield more lovely pictures of this area, regardless, I will be returning to this subject. This particular waterfall is the Lower South Falls so one of my next waterfall subject will be the North Falls. I used Girault’s, Unison’s and Ludwig pastels on Uart paper.

Oregon’s Silverfalls Study

Oregon’s Silverfalls Study, Soft Pastel on Uart Paper, 9×12″

Wetlands Study

Living near the Grand River has given me an appreciation of the beauty and serenity of the wetlands and all the wonderful species that rely on the wetlands. The reference picture could be anywhere but it reminded me of this area and I loved the evergreen trees since they have so much character. I was growing tired of dominantly blue skies, so I painted this one mainly a pretty shimmery pink which didn’t translate through the camera so well, neither did the trees. Cameras and artwork just don’t always cooperate with each other so well. This was meant to be a quick study using a new surface that I created from Colorfix primer on Canson Board, and have to say that I’m very happy that the container is now gone and only three more Colorfix surfaces left to deal with before I can say a final ‘so long’ to this surface. I’ll be very happy to return to Wallis and Uart for my pastel surfaces. I used my usual Unison and Ludwig combination of pastels.

Wetlands Study

Wetlands Study, Pastel on Board, 9×12″