Dappled Shadows

Early spring mornings are a time of peace and tranquility at least I think it is in this misty scene. I like the combination of and cool pink, violets, grays and greens that I used in this landscape painting. I also like the softening effect the foggy atmosphere has on the trees and path.

Dappled Shadows

Dappled Shadows, pastel on paper, 9×12″


Falling Spring Blossom’s

Spring has to be one of the most beautiful seasons around here especially for the softer pinks and violets and I loved these trees as soon as I saw them although I’m really not sure what they are. I used a few pastels out of the Ludwig Vibrant’s set and mixed them with some nice neutral grays and greens to create a very spring like scene.

Falling Spring Blossoms

Falling Spring Blossoms, soft pastel on paper, 14×18”