Snow Covered Tree

Here it is at the end of winter and I have completed my third winter painting  this time of a single deciduous tree covered in freshly fallen snow. I don’t find that the soft grays, violets and whites translate so well with a photograph since this painting is so much more lovely in reality and I really like the delicate silvery quality. I used the Ludwig and Unison pastels on Colorfix Suede paper.

Snow Covered Tree

Snow Covered Tree, pastel on paper, 14×18″


Two Winter Scene’s

With the end of wintering drawing near I decided to post a couple of the winter scene’s that I’ve done this year.  I don’t do very many winter paintings since they don’t really appeal to me but found a few reference photo’s that I liked. The first painting is of a frozen pond or river (not sure which) using some new paper called Colorfix Suede. At first I wasn’t fond of the paper since it didn’t hold as many layers of pastel and my harder pastels didn’t work with it as well but the Ludwig’s seem to be fine. The second painting is of a sunrise through a snow storm in what looks like a park with lovely evergreens. Once again this painting is done on the Colorfix Suede paper and I’m learning how to deal with this new surface but I’ll be glad to return to my Wallis and Uart papers when I get the chance.

Winter Reflection

Winter Reflection, pastel on paper, 14×18″

Snowy Morning

Snowy Morning, pastel on paper, 14×18”