Sentinel’s Blue Haze

That camera won’t pick up on the pale blue color so well that dominates the landscape beyond the outcrop where the viewer is standing overlooking the valley below. Wish we had landscapes around here in Southern Ontario; it is so beautiful and rugged at the same time. This is another scene painted from one of Johannes Vloothuis’ picture download and I’m fairly happy with the outcome. Not sure that I like the row of shrubbery around the edge of the rock face but it helps divide foreground from the landscape below. Still, I might brush them out in the future. What do you think?

Sentinel’s  Blue Haze

Sentinel’s Blue Haze, Pastel on Wallis Paper, 12×18″

I used a few colors from the Girault Warm & Cool Set which arrived just after I nicely got the darker tones down in the trees and was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to mix the Girault’s with the softer Unison and Ludwig pastels. The three seem to work well together. I think the Girault’s might be more suited to floral work since they are very small and harder than the others and yet they  have a softness about them that makes them friendly with the softies. They also get along nicely with the Wallis paper, which is an excellent development since this is my favorite surface.


Autumn Gold

I thought that it was time to paint a landscape featuring the Cottonwoods or the like as seen in works by masers such as Clyde Aspevig and Scott Christensen. Not that I can come anywhere close to their talent but I’m pleased enough with this one too call it my favorite of the year so far. Funny how I end up painting an autumn scene in the spring, but go figure, I never did make sense. I’ll get back to spring/summer theme when the mood strikes me, which will probably happen soon considering all the cool, overcast spring weather we’ve been getting in this part of the world.

I used the usual Unsion and Ludwig pastels on Wallis Pro White paper, based on a reference photo from Johannes Vloothuis picture download. I didn’t have to change the picture much other than suggest the distant hills a little more, edit out those dragon’s teeth evergreen trees and modify the tree to the right so it would be one large plant instead of two. Simplify where ever you can.

Autumn Gold

Autumn Gold, Pastel on Wallis, 12×18″

The reference Photo:

Wetlands Study

Living near the Grand River has given me an appreciation of the beauty and serenity of the wetlands and all the wonderful species that rely on the wetlands. The reference picture could be anywhere but it reminded me of this area and I loved the evergreen trees since they have so much character. I was growing tired of dominantly blue skies, so I painted this one mainly a pretty shimmery pink which didn’t translate through the camera so well, neither did the trees. Cameras and artwork just don’t always cooperate with each other so well. This was meant to be a quick study using a new surface that I created from Colorfix primer on Canson Board, and have to say that I’m very happy that the container is now gone and only three more Colorfix surfaces left to deal with before I can say a final ‘so long’ to this surface. I’ll be very happy to return to Wallis and Uart for my pastel surfaces. I used my usual Unison and Ludwig combination of pastels.

Wetlands Study

Wetlands Study, Pastel on Board, 9×12″